Phyto Andro



– Herbal food supplement for male health and vitality
– Nourishes the body and fortifies male sexual function
– Ultimate health and energy boost
– Enhance the immune system
– Improves blood circulation, especially to the male reproductive organ
– Increases endurance and stamina
– Boost testosterone levels naturally
– Improves fertility and sperm count
– Eliminates erectile dysfunction and impotence
– Prevent premature ejaculation
– Alleviate general fatigue and weakness
– No known side effects

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Phyto Andro Capsules for him, an individually wrapped veggie-capsule that is 100% natural with no added preservatives. The capsule contains pure Tongkat Ali extract, an ingredient proven to increase testosterone levels significantly. It is the most popular product in our range. Not only is it double in strength, but it is also safe to use short and long term without the risk of elevated blood pressure nor increased heart rate.
Phyto Andro Capsules for him are formulated according to the proven ancient Asian medical tradition which emphasises the art of metabolic balance. It is firmly believed that it stimulates the male libido. Our herbal food supplement is produced under a stringent extraction process and transformed into a superior quality product, where the Phyto Andro water-soluble capsules captures the pure essence of the herbal extracts perfectly synergised and produced by modern bioengineering technology.
This uniquely formulated process is called high-polymer penetration where the active ingredients are easily and safely absorbed into the body.